Luminescence Chamber Singers

Partners and Patrons

We are immensely grateful to the individuals and organisations who support our work. The generosity of donors, volunteers, and venue partners help keep our ensembles singing by supporting our artists, performances, tours, and the Luminescence Children's Choir bursary program.

Luminescence thanks our 2019 and 2020 partners, patrons, and donors for their ongoing support, as well as the volunteers and board members who donate their time, energy and expertise. Our work would be impossible without their efforts.


Donors (2020 - 2021)

Lilon Bandler, Anonymous (1)

$3000 - $4999
Anonymous (1)

$2000 - $2999
Anna and Bob Prosser,  Irena Nebenzahl, Anonymous (1)

$1000 - $1999
Renee Appaneal, Jennifer Hershon, Elizabeth Minchin, Anonymous (3)

$500 - $999
Dorothy Broom, Cody Christopher, Christine Goode; Anonymous (2)

$250 - $499
Anonymous (2)

$100 - $249
Angela Brown, Marlene Hall, Gertraud and Richard Cohen, Andrew Blackensee, Paul Shelley, Anonymous (2)

$2- $99
Paul and Betty Meyer, Helen Louise Sinclair, Nina Stachurksi, Johanna McBride, Jennifer Nicholson, Sage S. Wang, Anonymous (10)



Volunteers (2020 - 2021)

Luminescence relies heavily on volunteers who  help keep choristers safe and well, accommodate interstate and touring artists, and record and photograph concerts. We'd like to offer our heartfelt thanks to those who have helped this year, including: Mary Colls, Annette and Chris Milroy, Melanie and Michael America, Cathy and Mark Ninio, Miriam Greenberg, Stephen Beeby, Jack Begbie, Peter Hislop, Maddie Scott, Heather Hodgson, Paula Banks, and Olivia Hobbs.


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David Faraker, Tenor (photography: Em Roberts)
David Faraker, Tenor (photography: Em Roberts)