Luminescence Children’s Choir

Luminescence Children's Choir
"This group of young people were nothing short of brilliant".
Clinton White, Canberra CityNews
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The Luminescence Children's Choir is a treble choir for Canberra-based musicians aged 7-17. Conducted by AJ America, Luminescence Children's Choir is dedicated to excellence in performance and offers young singers holistic and high quality musical experiences and education.

The Luminescence Children's Choir came together for performances in September and December 2015, and became a permanent ensemble in July 2016. Over two years, Luminescence Children's Choir have performed at national institutions such Parliament House and appear regularly at the National Portrait Gallery and the High Court. The choir has also participated in multiple major performances with the Luminescence Chamber Singers and worked alongside acclaimed guest conductors such as Gordon Hamilton, Bengt-Olov Palmqvist and Dan Walker. In 2018, Luminescence Children's Choir toured to Hobart and Melbourne to participate in the Festival of Voices, where they collaborated with some of Australia's finest choirs, including the Sydney Children's Choir and Young Voices of Melbourne, and performed in Hobart's finest concert venues, including Federation Concert Hall and Hobart Town Hall. In 2019, Luminescence will tour to Sydney to participate in the Gondwana World Choral Festival, where they will perform alongside Gondwana Choirs at the Sydney Opera House, and sing with world-renowned ensembles such as the Toronto Children’s Chorus, The Estonian TV Girls’ Choir, Riga Cathedral Girls Choir, La Cigale de Lyon, and the Boston Children’s Choir.

Luminescence choristers also have the opportunity to participate in Sight-Singing School. Sight-Singing School is a program designed to develop choristers' music literacy, theory and aural skills. Sight-Singing classes run on Saturday afternoons, separately from regular rehearsals, and are offered to choristers at no additional cost.

Luminescence Children's Choir is comprised of two ensembles, Little Lumi and the Concert Choir.  Little Lumi is for singers aged 7-12. In Little Lumi, choristers are introduced to musical literacy, ear training and singing skills, and get the opportunity to experience the joy of singing with like-minded children from across Canberra, and perform regularly. The Concert Choir is open to ages 10 - 17, and includes a more demanding rehearsal and performance schedule, including interstate touring opportunities. 

Contact: AJ America

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What do I have to do in my audition?

Choristers will be asked to sing one song or an excerpt of a song lasting up to two minutes from memory. You may sing with or without live accompaniment (if required, applicants must provide their own accompanist).

Recorded accompaniment is not permitted.

You will also be asked to take a short aural test including melodic memory and sight-singing.

Ideal applicants will have some proficiency in music-reading and sight-singing, however, applicants who cannot read music are still encouraged to apply - we can teach you! We are simply looking for enthusiastic choristers, who are committed to the choir and willing to work hard. Applicants aged 7-10 are not expected to have any proficiency in sight-singing and music-reading. 

Where and when does the Luminescence Children's Choir rehearse?

The Luminescence Children's Choir rehearses from 4.30 - 6.45pm on Tuesday afternoons, at Ainslie Arts Centre. Choristers are expected to arrive at rehearsals between 4pm and 4.20pm.  During their first three years in the Concert Choir, choristers also undertake a three year sight-singing, aural skills and music theory course, which is taught on Saturday afternoons.

Little Lumi rehearses from 4.15 - 5.30pm on Monday afternoons, at Ainslie Arts Centre. Choristers are expected to arrive at rehearsals between 4pm and 4.10pm.  In addition to lots of singing, choristers in Little Lumi are introduced to music literacy, rehearsal etiquette and basic vocal technique during their rehearsals. Members of Little Lumi are able to extend their music theory and aural skills in Sight-Singing 1, which is taught on Saturday afternoons (12pm - 12.50pm).

Are there costs associated with enrolment in the choir?

Luminescence is a not-for-profit arts organisation that relies on chorister participation fees to operate, and to provide high quality music education to choristers. 

We understand that providing opportunities can be a strain on a family's budget, and are constantly striving to make the Luminescence Children's Choir accessible for all singers who have the necessary talent and passion. For that reason, we have a number of schemes in place to offer financial assistance to families, including payment plans, significant fee discounts for second (or more) siblings from the same family, and a limited number of bursaries. Bursaries are significantly reduced fees, awarded to exceptionally talented choristers who would otherwise be unable to participate in the program.

International Children's Day at the National Portrait Gallery.
International Children's Day at the National Portrait Gallery.
Luminescence Children's Choir at Carols In the Court 2016, Photo: Peter Hislop
Luminescence Children's Choir at Carols In the Court 2016, Photo: Peter Hislop