Luminescence Chamber Singers

Luminescence Chamber Singers is a virtuosic chamber music ensemble comprised of eight young vocalists. Since the ensemble’s earliest iteration in 2013, Luminescence has quickly gained a reputation for presenting exciting and excellent singing. In addition to being soloists as well as choristers, many Luminescence artists are also conductors, composers, instrumentalists and teachers.

Luminescence Chamber Singers is also the umbrella organisation for the Luminescence Children’s Choir. The Luminescence Children’s Choir is a treble choir for singers aged 10 – 17 and is conducted and directed by AJ America, a founding member of Luminescence Chamber Singers.

"The clarity and accuracy of the singing of this group is quite extraordinary"
Len Power, Canberra CityNews

"The singing is absolutely spell-binding and the voices divine"
Fiona Loader, Composer

"If laughing were a socially acceptable response to sublime music, I would have been cackling non-stop the entire concert!"
Josephine Gibson, Composer

Luminescence Chamber Singers (photography: Em Roberts)
Luminescence Chamber Singers (photography: Em Roberts)

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Songs My Mother Taught Me
10 September, 6.30pm, Gorman House

Songs and stories passed down between generations has long been a pillar of culture and community. In this concert, the Chamber Singers and Children's Choir join forces to perform folk songs from around the world, including music from Finland, China, Lithuania. Luminescence is proud to present a number of contemporary interpretations of folk songs and traditional texts. Well known Australian bush ballad Click Go The Shears, originally published in a regional Victorian newspaper in 1891 under the title “The Bare Belled Ewe” is reimagined with a new sense of rhythmic drive in Ruth McCall’s setting, and Dan Walker’s Tehillim 23 marries a modern harmonic language with ancient hebrew text. Join us this September for an intimate evening inspired by oral traditions.

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Are you interested in singing with the Luminescence Children's Choir?

Luminescence Children's Choir is a treble choir for Canberra-based musicians aged 10-17. Luminescence offers young singers wonderful opportunities to meet and sing with like-minded musicians from across Canberra, to perform regularly and in professional environments, and to develop their musical skills.




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David Faraker (Tenor), Chloe Lankshear (Soprano), Olivia Swift (Alto), photography: Em Roberts
David Faraker (Tenor), Chloe Lankshear (Soprano), Olivia Swift (Alto), photography: Em Roberts
CIMF - Opening Gala. Photography: William Hall