The Luminescence Chamber Singers are available for schools workshops, concerts and camps.

Luminescence is committed to providing high-quality and diverse music education programs that draw on the special expertise of our various singers.  As well as being both experienced soloists and ensemble singers, many of our members have extensive experience in composition, conducting, vocal coaching and teaching.

Schools and community organisations can request any number of our members to run a variety of specially tailored workshops.


To enquire about a workshop, please contact:

What activities are offered in a Luminescence Chamber Singers workshop?

We tailor every workshop for the particular groups we work with, and what they want to get out of the experience, however most workshops will be designed from a combination of the areas below. The activities we are able to offer depend on the number of Luminescence singers requested for the workshop, and the number of Luminescence singers available! When our full octet attend the workshop, we are able to offer the full range of our expertise, and we can show students the full range of our performance repertoire, and the best insight into our ensemble.

How long are Luminescence Chamber Singers workshops?

A Luminescence quartet or the full octet (or any number of singers in between!) offer either a 3 hour workshop, or a full day workshop. If only 1 - 3 of our members are required, we can organise a workshop of any length.

How much do Luminescence workshops cost? 

Luminescence workshops are available on a sliding scale of price, depending on how long the workshop is, and how many singers are requested, or are available. For more information or a tailored quote, please contact us at


As long as 4 or more of our artists are in attendance, a workshop with Luminescence Chamber Singers always includes the opportunity to hear us sing live. Workshop participants get to hear not only some of our favourite pieces, but often also get a sneak preview of pieces we are currently working on before they are formally premiered in concert. The repertoire we are able to perform depends on how many and which of our artists are asked to attend and are available. Because we work as an octet, we are at our best when all 8 of our artists are present. Having our full ensemble present also enables us to draw from a significantly larger variety of repertoire.


A variety of composition workshops are available. Luminescence will always demonstrate a number of different composition techniques, and help a choir compose collectively and collaboratively by applying composition techniques to a few provided melodies and texts. Longer workshops enable choirs to learn about melody writing, to work in smaller groups, and come together to workshop each group's piece. Our resident composer, Olivia Swift, is also available for composition masterclasses, to offer advice on student compositions. If student compositions are submitted to us in advance, students can have their work sung by Luminescence, and have our singers and composers offer feedback or suggestions. This enables students the rare opportunity to hear their work sung by professionals (rather than Sibelius!) and experiment with various edits.

Vocal Coaching

A number of our singers have had extensive training from Australia's finest singers and teachers, both within and outside of tertiary institutions, and have extensive experience teaching young voices. Our sopranos, Chloe Lankshear and Veronica Milroy, are our technique experts and are available to run sessions on voice placement, breathing techniques, and vowels for singers at all levels.

Workshop your repertoire

We are able to conduct and workshop intensively repertoire that the choir is currently working on, allowing us all to sink our teeth into the musical nitty-gritty, and offering new perspectives to the choir, and new rehearsal techniques.

Teach a piece

One of the most immediately rewarding workshop activities - learning a piece with Luminescence shows how quickly a new work can be added to a choir's regular repertoire. The works we develop in these sessions are intended to offer choirs a piece that is performable by the end of the session.

Conducting (... or not) 

For school choirs conducted by students, the conductors of the Luminescence Children's Choir are available to give conducting masterclasses. However, our octet is almost always unconducted, and our ensemble offers unique sessions on performing unconducted and leading an ensemble from within.


The Luminescence Chamber Singers is a unique ensemble, particularly as we are not only unconducted but also under collaborative artistic direction amongst all eight singers. Our Q&A usually finishes a workshop, and allows students not only to ask questions regarding everything they have learnt and heard during the workshop, but also to find out about what other work we do, what it is like singing in an ensemble like Luminescence, and the diverse other musical (and non-musical) pursuits of our members.

Descent into Madness. Luminescence Chamber Singers (photography: Peter Hislop)
Descent into Madness. Luminescence Chamber Singers (photography: Peter Hislop)